CHAPTER 5 – The Door

Something To Consider:
Among the titles which Christ chose for Himself, one of the most precious and meaningful is the door. He used it for Himself only twice, but each time it was with great emphasis. In John 10.7, Jesus said of Himself; “Most assuredly, I say to you, I am the door to the sheep.”

Our Lord asserted that He was the door, not a door. To the blessings that He is the entrance there is no other entrance. Philosophies claim to be the portals to all that is good, but they are false doors, leading only to empty rooms.

There is a doorway called “good deeds”, and another called “character”, and another named “obedience”, and another called the “law”. Each of these and many other false entry points to empty rooms lead only to the chamber of disappointment.

Jesus is the only true entrance point worth approaching. Uncounted billions have passed through the door to the chamber of disappointment and have not found supreme blessedness on the other side as advertised and as wrongfully expected. These same billions have refused to enter into the door of Jesus to their eternal loss!

According to Jesus, “I am the door of the sheep”. Jesus being the door, is for His sheep, His followers, and for them alone, that He provides entrance to His eternal blessedness. He is the door of His fold, His church, and His kingdom. Why is it that so many to their own hurt go to their graves in denial of Jesus being the door? Why is it that only a few in every generation truly see the light of God’s truth and enter into the true door of the sheep?

Only those who are His, by their free will choice and His by way of the cross, His by virtue of His salvation and sanctification. It is, therefore, only those who would be at home in this fold who will enjoy the blessings which are contained in entering in and abiding in Christ Jesus, the door of the true sheep of God.

Something Else To Consider:
Jesus is the door of safety. Jesus declared in John 10.9, “I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he [or she] will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture.” In other words, Jesus is the door of hope and peace. Therefore, all the minions and evil agencies of Satan are powerless against the door, Jesus, our Good Shepherd, Prince of peace, Savior, and Son of Man.

Therefore, temptations beat in vain against the door of Jesus Christ. Storms of sorrow and adversity rage in vain, for the door holds firm, and the sheep within His fold who safely graze in His pastures, are safe from all alarm.

Christ is the door of plenty. By that entrance the sheep shall indeed go in and out and shall find pasture enough to satisfy their every need. For His grace is more than sufficient, it is enough to satisfy all who long for the comfort that lies behind the everlasting door of Jesus Christ.

The door of Jesus is not a prison door, or a door of confinement. It opens inward to safety, but it also opens outward to the green lush pastures and the still waters sheep require to flourish. Jesus is the entrance to every true satisfaction in life. Jesus is the door to all real wealth because Jesus is the portal to true spiritual prosperity.

Something More To Consider:
A door is an invitation. What is more forbidding than a wall unbroken by any entrance point? What is more attractive than a wide, cherry, hospitable doorway? Architects understand well that the key to any structure, whether a home, a shop, a church, or a city hall, is its entrance, is its door.

If that door is restrictive and unattractive, the whole building, however costly, presents an unwelcoming appearance. If the entrance is generous, stately, and beautiful, all the building becomes dignified and pleasant to approach.

Thus is our religion typified by Jesus Christ, the door. As He is warm and friendly, so should Christianity. As Jesus is noble and majestic, so should His church. As Jesus is strong, substantial, enduring, so should the glorious movement He founded. Jesus is the door, and the entrance stands for all the building.

Nothing is easier than to make trial of a door. A tower requires climbing, and some cannot do that, or are afraid to try. To prove a window, one must first get inside and then look out. To test a chimney, we must make a fire. If it is a library we are investigating, we must scan the contents of many books and read carefully many more.

But making trial of a door calls only for turning the knob or handle and opening the door. Anyone can do that. How fortunate it is for mankind that Jesus Christ is the door, and not a tower, or a window, or a chimney, or a library.

A Few Final Words:
And finally, a door is a challenge to enterprise. There is adventure in opening it. Who can tell what splendid rooms are on the other side of it? Once in, we shall wander from room to room, finding in each a new beauty and joy.

So, with Christ the door. He summons us ever to new discoveries in Him and through Him. Each day we enter upon a new and fresh exploration of divine goodness. Each day the door opens new revelations of wisdom and power and happiness.

Therefore, Jesus is the door of the richest past, the most fortunate present, and the most helpful future. Blessed is the soul who finds in Him the abundant entrance to eternal life!

Our Father in heaven, lead us to recognizing Jesus as the heavenly door through which we must enter while journeying on this earthly adventure. Make us willing to open the door to our hearts while Christ stands just outside desiring to be allowed entrance. Yes, Jesus is our door unto all life in Christ. In Him Always, Amen!

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